Power Supply Failure Alerts

I’ve now had a 1022 Power Supply alert twice now. But the system is still up and running as normal. I’m wondering if this might be a glitch from the last firmware update? Or should I replace the power supply just to be sure?
BTW it’s a PR4100 Pro Series, 16TB RAID 5 running flawlessly since 2016. Firmware is 5.23.114. The alert has only started a few days ago.



You should place your topic in the sub-forum for your device.
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Thanks , how do i do that? I can’t even find the text i just wrote.

Click on the link I provided! How hard is that?

Generally as the discussion starter you can move the discussion thread to another subforum by editing your initial post. (Select the Edit icon below your post.) Then selecting the subforum dropdown box/field and selecting the correct subforum, in your case the OS5 Pro Series subforum. Then select the Save Edit button when finished.


Unfortunately the WD Support site doesn’t appear to have much information on Error 1022 Power Supply Failure. It isn’t clear if it means a failure of the actual power supply itself (brick/wall wart) or if it means a problem with the power itself (like brown out, power dip, power spike, etc.). One may have to do additonal troubleshooting to figure out what is the actual issue. If using a UPS, is the UPS going bad or did the UPS activate due to a power loss or brown out or spike.

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May want to contact WD directly through their Contact Us page to see if they can provide any additional information on what exactly that error code means and if it means the power supply itself is bad, can one buy just a replacement power supply (or have one replaced under warranty).

One may also want to use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) and search for that error message. It appears there are a number of other discussions on 1022 Power Supply Failure:


One should also remove that error from the My Cloud Dashboard > Alert/Notification dialog window as well to see if it returns.

Thanks so much Bennor. Very helpful.