Power supply dead, trying to save the data on drive

Mybooklive power supply died, but I am confident the contents of the drive are not lost. I opened the casing, and harvested the drive. I put the drive in a USB 3.0 “sled,” and plugged it into a PC and Mac. Neither OS recognize the drive’s format.

Can install software on a Mac or PC that would allow me to recognize the content and save it? Or is there another solution I haven’t considered?


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In a nutshell, you have a Linux drive/partitions.

Do not forget buying a power supply might be an option as well, either from WD or somewhere else.

Thanks for the assistance, but that is just far too complicated. I’m looking for something simpler. Was hoping I might be able to establish a small Linux partition and then copy the content from the old NAS to my new one.

You should have gotten a new power supply before you embarked on opening your drive and likely screwing it up.

well, solution is pretty simple, just need a way to see the files in the Linux drive. Plenty of software out there for Win/OSx. Very simple to install as well.

And yes, if you have a linux machine, then of course, it should be able to see the files.

Establishing a Linux partition in a Win/Mac it probably a lot more complicated than installing software to see the files.

To each its own though

Wow. I just wrote almost the exact same thing as the post above me before I read it. Deja vu all over again! – Just install the program on your desktop and connect the HDD, copy the data to a USB drive. Or do same with Linux live CD.

No need for partitioning anything unless you want to break something.