Power Schedule

I would like to have power off between 1:00 am and 6:00 am.  The UI has that it must be power off starting at midnight or earlier. 


Please update the UI to do this allow power off starting after midnight. 


Definitely need this option for the EX2 as well.

posted an additional commet to the wrong thread.  Move this comment to the correct thread.

Definitely agree the proposed, and please consider that proposal with the EX2 as well. Thanks!

Love to see this feature as well, I’m used to this function on all the Netgear NAS devices. Would be really useful to see it here as well! 

Please for MyCloudMirror too.

Definitely Agree!

It would be also reasonably to make it more clear what is On and what is OFF. Right now it is just a blue and gray area and one has to guess. lame!

Yes the option should be very flexible so that we can start or shutdown the NAS at any given time. Right now in the latest os we can set it at min 2 hrs interval. But the setting shuld be provided in hrs and min dropdown so that say if i want to shut down the NAS at say 11.30pm at night , i can do it. This is not possible right now.


I also miss this option. Thumbs up.