Power Schedule Timings - Multiple Daily Schedules

It would be good if the only option for the power saver wasn’t to switch off at midnight. The midnight schedule impedes the whole of the next  days schedule

If you want to run a nightly job it is impossible to schedule as the timings go from 12 AM > 12AM.

e.g. I want to run a job that runs from midnight to 2am and switch off but run during the day office hours (7am > 10PM/12AM)

Options are :

1/ Move left slider right to turn off at 2am = No; Turns off at midnight and on for the rest of the day

2/ Move the right slider to tun off at 2AM = No; Turns off at correct time but…then it’s off for the rest of the day.

Please add additional scheduler per day 


Idea approved for voting.

The current power schedule interface is just stupid and hardly useful.