Power saver mode

I have enabled my MyCloud to automatically Power Down after 5 minutes of inactivity; however, I am yet to see this occur, even over night.
Would anyone have any suggestions?

Which My Cloud unit/model are you using?

The single bay/single drive My Cloud units (the subject of this subforum) are supposed to go into sleep mode if the Sleep Mode option is enabled (set to On) through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Energy Saver section.

However, sometimes the various services that are running may prevent the My Cloud from entering sleep mode or will bring the My Cloud awake after a short period of time in sleep mode. Use the subforum search feature, magnifying glass upper right, and search for “sleep” to find numerous discussions on the sleep issue and various things to try. Some include disabling certain My Cloud firmware services using SSH.

Note that Sleep Mode doesn’t actually turn the single bay/single drive My Cloud off, instead puts the hard drive to sleep. When in sleep mode the front blue LED should slowly pulse.

I have the older model My Cloud, single bay, single drive and it is set to go into sleep mode/HD standby mode which is suppose to happen after ten minutes of no activity. Mine is in that mode now. I never know how long it will stay that way, as mine has just came out of it.

The following is copied from the Dashboard Help.

Turning On/Off Sleep Mode

To minimize energy consumption, you can control wether determine when the hard drive inside goes into sleep mode after has been inactive for 10 minutes.

To set whether the drive goes to sleep:
Click Settings.
In the left pane, click General.
Turn Hard Drive Sleep on or off as appropriate:
On: The hard drive goes to sleep during inactive periods.
Off: The hard drive never goes into sleep mode.

Hi Bennor,
Have done so through the Dashboard.
Thought as much, but nothing is ‘running’ during the night!
Shall search further.