Power Pack


New to the forum and hoping you can help, I have emailed WD support but no reply:cry:

I am wanting to use my Live Hub in my motorhome and didn’t want to carry the powerpack also so I’m looking for a spare but WD don’t list one in the accessories section. Does anyone know if there is a generic one that will suit my needs?

It will need to be sourced in UK preferably.

Thanks in advance

They show a power pack at least on the US website…


Thanks for that but the plug is fixed US type and would need some adapter also? Would voltage and polarity etc be compatible? My electrical knowledge is limited so these questions may be irrelevant.

Thanks for the post anyway

Yeah, I changed to the UK website and see that there’s nothing listed there… 

I would imagine you could call WD Tech Support and order a UK specific model… 

I know they at least sell certain things through the Tech Support section, like cables and whatnot…

Just received email from Tech Support offering a free power pack on receipt of serial number.


Thanks for your help.

About to make another post about something else, any replies gratefully appreciated.