Power outtage

Dear members,

Sometimes i encounter a power outage and then my Mycloud has to check the harddrive concistensy?
Can somebody tell me why that is. (Im a cloud noob)

And how do i prevent such thing. How do i correctly close my “My Cloud”?

Thanks in advance

Because if the power fails whilst the disk is being written to, the disk write may be incomplete, leaving the directory or files corrupt. So it has to do a disk check to repair the damage. Disk writes can occur even when you’re not actively accessing the drive, as it performs internal housekeeping.

To prevent this happening, I’m afraid you will need to invest in an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS.

To do a safe shutdown, have a search of the forum for ‘shutdown’. The Gen2 MyClouds had the Dashboard control taken away. I don’t have a Gen2…

v Thanks cpt_paranoia.

Ill search the forums :slight_smile:

For gen2 mycloud, you can use ssh to connect to the device and run shutdown.sh
This script will stop all services. Once the script exits you can poweroff the device.