Power out - My Book Live - is there an auto shutdown?

Have the MBL - set up connected to UPS. However - what about when UPS runs dry? does the MBL - notice and shut down or if there is a complete power failure - does this affect the drive once there is no more juice? (Obviously it won’t work, but looking to the affect re drive damage and/or loss of data). This is for during the night when no one is around to do a power down properly. We have many power outages in our area, the ups is rated for about 45 minutes. However there are times when it just goes on and on!

Thanks for the answers.

Good question… I would think if it loses power without doing an orderly shutdown, you could be in trouble if a file was being updated at the time.  However, I do not have an UPS and I have lost power and did not have an an issue with any of my NAS. I got an email from it saying it lost power. cj

anytime I see lightning in my area I just go to the notification icon and issue the shutdown command.  Even though both computers were asleep and theoretically no files were updating…

THen a few hours later the power cut out for about 45 seconds.

I don’t really need the drive on all the time anyway, so shutting it down for two nights is fine.  I do wish you could send wake on lan type startup messages though