Power On Issue

I have not updated my WDTV LIve Unit, because I don’t have my network running where the unit is.   I had a Older WD HD Tv unit and it was fine.     I just wanted the expandablity to the new unit.      So this isn’t the new .12 issue.

My issue is that I have a multi remote the Logitech 880 pro remote.    When I attempt to turn on the WD LIVE box it turns on, and then i get a black screen, it just sits their the lights are on and the drive spins up - but nothing happens.  If I let it sit **bleep** to the WD Live - presto I get the menu system right away. 

Whats going on here?   This didn’t happen with my first unit of the WD TV hd.    anything?

I won’t update my **bleep**.     


Have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support? I would consider giving them a call about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support