Power On Hours of Disk

I have got this notification last night form my NAS (Thecus N5550). What does the system expect from me?

This notification message is generated automatically from [N5550] ([2001:981:2008:1:214:fdff:fe16:9eda]).

The system experienced the following event(s).

The Power_On_Hours of Disk 4 has reached 10138 hours. (Western Digital Red (AF),WD-[Deleted])

Please be aware of the event(s) above. Also if necessary, please react to the event(s).

Hi wbree, Some NAS units will measure different SMART attributes and alert you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the drive is bad. Usually Power on Hours isn’t a sign of a bad or failing drive. I would look at the SMART status in the NAS and see if the drive shows in good health.