Power off, hard disk does not share on network

When I power off the device, hard disk still flashing.

As I know, this happens because the Hard disk is still sharing on network.

But I can’t find them on network when device is off.


What drive are you talking about?

Is the drive connected to the Media player or the computer?

Thanks for helping me !

I have 2 devices WD TV live, 1 pc computer and 1 laptop on my network.

Each of my device WD TV Live is connected to an external Hard Disk.

When the device is on, I can see them on my network and through my computer I can delete/move/copy etc movies to external HD of WD TV Live.

When the device is off, I can NOT see them on my network.

BUT the external Hard Disk is still flashing like normal. And as I saw in other posts, normally Hard Disk of WD TV Live is still sharing on network even the device is off.

off .