Power light blinking

After a recent power outage of 4 hours the power light on the media player is blinking and the unit is not working at all. pressing the reset button , powering off and on has no effect. the unit was operating fine before this event. model number WDBAAP0000NBK. How do I fix this situation?

The unit could have been damaged by a power surge either when power went off or back on. Is your WDTV and other components protected by a surge protector? If not, that might have helped protect it from the damage. If turning it off and on did not help things, the unit may be toasted.

thanks mike27. RIP WD

I would not give up on it completely. Maybe others here have an idea or contact WD Support for some assistance.

Tried to install new updated firmware as per the instructions , nothing happens I cant get past the wd logo on the tv screen, power light is blinking. I give up.