Power led is solid red - Firmware 2.10.302

Hi again,

Well, pulse blue for standby mode was already there on older firmware. And the solid red for requiring user’s attention would be ok if the user could find somewhere specific information about what needs to be attended, because in my case the disk is working in perfect conditions, and I’m afraid the problem is that there’s less than a certain % of free space, which is normal because I assigned it all to a single iSCSI volume (where in fact there’s more than 1TB free).

So if I have to live with an annoying and useless solid red LED… I’m staying with old firmware until there’s a solution to this.

Besides, I prefer the old black interface than the white one :slight_smile:



I also “downgraded” to 1.05.36 because firmware 2.10.302 is simply not worth the hassle.

Thanks all for all the ideas and support :slight_smile:

Eventually - issue solved by moving files between drives, as it seems 5% free is not enough, it should be 5% free per disk, regardless mycloud console which has reported 990Gb free (but one disk was 98% full).

Thank you all!

Goldschmidt, S.

you can force each led color an status login into the unit via ssh and using ‘led’ command, for instance, in order to change main led solid red into solid blue (in case you are below 5% disk free), just enter the command:

led power blue on

By the way, it seems EX2 is formally out of maintenance by WD, even though it was forgotten long time ago.

Normally a drive will start to slow down at 75% capacity. No you can’t fill the drive up. There are house keeping routines like indexing and cataloguing that need space to work. I would consider upsizing your drives or putting a second NAS and offload some of your current info.