Power led always ON (WDTV Live)


Yesterday I received my WDTVLive. Seems to work fine (except for the file sharing with local computers, which is unestable and has bad performance in both directions, but mainly when copying from PC to an HDD locally plugged to the WDHDLive device :mansad: , but that is not my question)…

The front power LED is always on. Even when the device is in standby mode. Not flasses, just continously on. It doesn’t seem to be a big-big problem except that I have no way to know if it is off (unless if I turn on TV and check if there’s something there :-) )

Does comeone have any clue?

My firmware version is .11



If I heard correctly, I think it has to do with USB ports on the WD TV.  They continue to supply power to the drive even when the device is off.  Try unplugging the device and see if the drive goes off.  Also, I think the drive goes to sleep anyway if there’s no activity.  So, there’s really no problem other than the light staying on.

Thanks for the reply.

But the power led in the WDTV Live keeps lighting even without any USD disk plugged (and I have also unplugged the ethernet and HDMI connections).

Can you/someone confirm me that the WDTVLive goes to sleep after some period of activity?

I also keep seeing the red light in the TOSLink (optical audio) socket when I suspend it. Can someone tell me if that rear red light should be off in the suspend state?


Maybe I’m not understanding.  I thought you were referring to a drive connected to the wdtv live.  all the lights should go off when you turn the wdtv off.  if you’re not turning it off, then the lights will continue to stay on.  the wdtv will then only go into screen saver mode.  if you turning it off and the lights are staying, then something’s wrong with either the wdtv, or the remote isn’t turning it off.

you are right, thre is something wrong with the WDTV, because it also sometimes hungs :frowning:

I’m calling to support and waiting for reply, surely they will have to change the unit.


It is not normal for the light to stay on. Get the unit changed!