Power Failure during firmware upgrade, upon boot, files not accessible

Tried to upgrade WD Mybook Live 3TB, but experienced power outage in the middle of the upgrade. Have since tried to resolve by myself but have been unable to resolve. Need community help, can see that folders are there when looking in WD Mybook Live setup/firmware (old) but cannot access through network. Any help is appreciated.

I would be very interested in seeing a good solution to this and I suspect many others would, too. I live in dread of a power outage every time I upgrade firmware on a NAS or router.

Tried to reset by using the pin-hole? Tried to enter the drive and save your files by connecting the MBL directly to your computer (so: not connected via your network)?
Last resort (loss of all your data, I fear): [GUIDE] Debrick MyBookLive v2.0