Power down

Updated to the new firmware when it came out (around 2 weeks ago?).

Not noticed this until now.

It used to be, a quick press of the button put the player in Stand By, whilst a press & hold of the power button for maybe 5-10 seconds ensured a complete power down.

I went to complete power down yesterday and the machine swiotched off after only holding the button for 2 seconds, or so.

I restarted and tried again, just in case the signal transmission was broken first yime, but same thing happened again.

Not sure what this is.  Is it a ‘problem’ and you can no longer do a complete power down this way?

As above, but intentional?

Does is now completely power down every time you press off?

Shortened length of time to hold the button?

Any ideas?

Steve W

It’s always been 3 seconds as far as I know…

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The power button still behaves mostly the same for me, but I have noticed that I don’t have to hold down the button as long as I used to.

I wish there was some sort of confirmation (i.e. a special LED blink).  The only way I know for sure that the SMP has fully shut down is that my receiver loses the signal from the SMP optical out.   When the SMP is in standby, the optical out is still active.

So my shutdown procedure is now:

  1. Press and hold power button on SMP until TV screen goes black

  2. Watch receiver as it falls back from optical audio input to analog

  3. power off TV.