Power consuption in mili Ampers

Good day,

  please, which is the exact power consuption the following external drives? This consuption is printed directly on the disk in manufacturer. I need to know consuption only for USB 2.0 (and optionally only for reading). All the following devices are backward compatible with USB 2.0:

  • WD Elements Portable SE, USB 3.0 - 1TB
  • WD Elements Portable - 2TB
  • WD My Passport Generation 2 - 1TB
  • WD My Passport - 1,5TB
  • WD My Passport - 2TB
  • WD My Passport Ultra - 1TB
  • WD My Passport Ultra - 2TB

Of course, I know about power limit for USB 2.0 which is 500 mA but need to know the exact power consuption.


I’ll suggest you to contact WD directly for this one, this is a user to user forum, you can do so either by phone or email.

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