Power button light WD Netcenter Network Hard Drive constantly amber

When I push the powerbutton of WD Netcenter Network Hard Drive the Netcenter is starting, but the powerbutton light stays amber steady and doesn’t change to the colour blue… After 5 minutes the Netcenter switching off. Reset the WD netcenter with the reset button had no effect. So I can’t access my maps/folders etc. Is there somebody who knows to handle this problem? Thank you so much. Hans

Hi, welcome to the community.

If the netcenter stays with the amber light on, it means that its booting, however if it never changes to blue an then turn off, it might mean that the drive is damaged. For how long have you pressed the reset button? What was the drive doing at the moment it stopped working? Did it fell?

Hello, thank you for your response. When I use the reset button, I push it for about 8 seconds. Then the netcenter switches off. After about 2 minutes the netcenter switches on, and the amber light doesn’t change to the colour blue. I heard the drive is running, constantly. And I can’t switch off the netcenter by the power button. I have to disconnect the powercord. Thanks. Hans