"Power Booster Cable" for USB 3.0 B micro?

I have a Homeworx digital recorder that writes onto my 1.5 TB Passport Ultra. The device has a USB 2.0 output. The passport uses a USB 3.0 B micro input and came with a compatible USB 3.0 cord. If I plug the drive directly into the recorder it worked fine for a while, then recently died. Looking on their forum support I found that the recorder may have been “fried” by trying to drive the passport. The forum notes that the draw from the drive must be less than 900 mA. Cannot find specs for the power requirements for a Passport Drive.

One possible solution would be to use a Y connector, taking power from a separate USB power supply. The WD site notes one adapter, WDCA029RNN. But this is not for the USB 3.0 micro B connector. Plus there seems to be no source for this exact part number. I cannot find any reference tor a version for the USB 3.0 Micro.

I do see on many sites including eBay, Y connectors that physically look like they do this. On one end is a male USB 3.0 micro B connector. One branch has a USB 2.0 Male connector. The other, a USB 3.0 connector. That would appear to work IF all power is supplied by the USB 2.0. Then I just have to use a decent quality USB power supply.

However, I am concerned about inadvertently connecting the 5V output of two distinct power supplies (One within the recorder, and the other an outside power supply). I could see either or both the recorder and the power supply could be damaged if one tried to “fight” with the other.

I think, if such a cord is proper, the Pin 1 (red) of the USB 3.0 connector has to be separated from the Pin 1 of the USB 2.0 connector. The USB 2.0 hot (red) would need to run only to the UDB 3.0 B Micro hot (pin 1).

I could use an ohmmeter to check on an actual Y. But I can’t find them locally. Not sure if I want to order on eBay or other site, check at home, and find the 2 Pin 1s connected. Has anyone tried this set up? Is there any specific model or manufacturer which I would know if the power connections are correct?

That wouldn’t be correct. If the device is USB 2.0 ONLY, then the maximum draw from the drive must be less than 500mA.

The My Passport Ultra is USB2.0 backward compatible, so its maximum draw would be less than 500mA.