Power and disk 2 blue light blink - EX2 no longer working

Last week, MyCloud had a few alerts for my EX2 some which are 1)Power loss detected 2)Fan not working 3)Volume degraded. At the point when this happened, Disk 2 LED was red and power was yellow, so I switched the system off. Hours later, when I switch the EX2 back on, the power LED has been blinking blue and the Disk also blinking.

I spent the whole week with WD support who only gave me the simple solution of buying another disk to replace disk 2. How do I know that disk 2 is actually faulty? What is the cause of the fan failure?

I’m really pulling my hair cos there’s no way to verify the correct fault before spending money to buy a new disk.

Any help or advise on diagnosing or trouble-shooting will be most helpful.

You can test if the disk in question is faulty by testing it in a desktop computer like a regular hard drive. This should allow you to confirm the hard drive’s health status.

Thanks for your advice. But the disk doesn’t come with any USB connection and seem to be proprietary for the WD enclosure, or industrial standard fur NAS connections. How do I modify to connect to a PC?

Perhaps I should clarify.

I meant to shut down your WD My Cloud EX2 in order to remove the suspect hard drive and test it normally within your computer or by means of a SATA to USB adapter.