Power adapter for multiple external drives

I have multiple external WD TB drives, each requiring a AC/DC power adapter. The power adapters are bulky and take up to three AC connections in a power strip unless you buy those multiple connection AC plug wires and they look terrible hanging down from the power strip. I have a security surveillance system that powers up to eight cameras. Why can’t someone produce a power adapter that can power up to ten external hard drives? I’ve searched and searched and been unable to find such a device. It has to be possible if it can be done for surveillance camera systems and the Passport drives can run off a USB connection.

not mine … i can fit 6 on a 6 plug power strip
i guess maybe Western Digital make smaller adapters now … (drives are about 3 years old)

Or the power strips are different (discounting AC voltage). Some the newest strips here have the receptacles spaced better and I’ve just ordered one to see if it can take a full complement of ac/dc power supplies. I purchased a strip by AEOTEC that allows up to 6 power supplies to be plugged into it, but since it’s a Z Wave product, it costs as much as $198.00 US on Amazon. I got lucky and found one for $80.00 US.

An older strip.

I have more than a dozen of the 4, 5, and now 6 TB WD drives in my computer room for my five PCs and MACs and the power wiring around my four Belkin power strips is a nightmare of tangled cables thanks to all the ac/dc transformers. The dozen transformers for the WD drives represent only half of the converters.

No one has yet been able to explain to me why a DC power strip for external drives isn’t available. They just shrug their shoulders and shake their heads. But if electronics companies can make power strips with USB power connections to recharge cell phones and such, why can’t SOMEONE make one to power the larger devices? I’ll be the first in line and buy a dozen. I’ve got the darn ac/dc transformers all over my house, not just in my office.