Pouring in some parts of TV

Is problem with WD TV mini! At video viewing sometimes there is on the image green or red pouring in some parts of TV. 
It is defect of a player or the file?, if to rewind and look anew this fragment - all ok.

Yes same problem, red, green and sometimes black zones on the screen, I link some pictures:

yes , but what to do ? 

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I have an answer from offical wd support 

“It seems that your device is faulty, these spots definetly do not look good.
Please create an RMA and get your drive replaced.” 

I bet million of another Minis do this :slight_smile: This is not a device bug, this is definetly the codec’s fault. I know, I saw this on another devices (PC, mobile divx player, etc).

yes , but I have this **bleep** practical on all my files :frowning:  , but all of them with different codecs , on my PC this files work perfectly !

Same problem here! (one of many in just two days of use!!) Should i sent it back for RMA?

Do not send back try to update your mini. Here is the new firmware update:


Updating the firmware didn’t help much. The problem still exist and it’s frustrating as it happens to every file i try to play…