Potential RAID concern with My Book Duo

My 8TB My Book Duo might be having a problem or maybe I just don’t understand the .smbm.xml file hidden on the drive. I opened it up and found this “<volume_raid>0</volume_raid>”. Is the zero indicative of the RAID version as if the two drives in the Duo are not being used as I expected them to behave in a RAID 1 configuration? I’m way out of my league even opening that file, tbh. But I’ve experienced several issues with this fairly new drive (purchased May 2019) that are peculiar. The latest tonight (which prompted me to root around in the hidden files) was that I was looking for a file on the Duo but the Finder didn’t show a single file. The Duo was mounted and I could go into the mounted volume using Finder without a problem other than the fact no files were shown.
So I rebooted my Mac and I was able to unlock and mount the drive and all my files were magically restored. Simultaneously, the WD Discovery app shows that no USB devices are attached though the MyBook Duo is a USB connected device. I’m somewhat concerned that this drive has something funky going on and would love to figure out if this is a symptom of something bad going on or a precursor to the Duo going off the rails.
Thanks for any insights!

Hi Smartishhome

Have you tried any of the following?

  1. Shutting everything down, unplugging from the wall, waiting 30 seconds or more, replugging then restarting.
  2. Booting into Safe mode by restarting holding the shift key until the Apple logo appears then waiting for an age to get to the log-in screen.
  3. Using ‘First Aid’ in Disk Utility.

No idea what the .xml file is for I’m afraid. If you are feeling brave, you might move it off to somewhere safe to see what happens without it, but it’s probably best to ignore it.