Potential New Customer with 1080p Question on WD TV Live Hub

Most of you know about Sage this week and how it orphaned many of us users.

I am curious - will the device output 1080p if that is the source in a compatible format?  It seems as though the fine print is showing many of the HD formats get the 1080i treatment, and 720p at best.  I am, of course, assuming non-protected content via HDMI to an HDTV that accepts 1080p input.  I don’t mean Component, much of which maxes at 1080i.

Am i mis-reading something?

Specifically, if I shoot 1080p camcorder footage in an edited format this product supports (such as H.264, VC-1, etc), is it going to output it in 1080p via HDMI to my 1080p compatible HDTV?  The fine print seems to suggest otherwise, as if the device is transcoding the video down to 1920x1080i max or 1920x1080p24 or 1280x720p

Thanks for any help.  I appreciate it.

1080p24 is supported in most formats. 1080p60 is not. If it’s not supported, it will NOT down convert it, it just won’t play it.

Thank you; works for me.  I appreciate your time.