Possible with title listing, instead of huge "icons"?

I guess the Subject says it all - I find the big-azz icons, which typically aren’t even showing anything of the file, to be _ insanely annoying _ - it feels like looking at a directory through a keyhole.

(To bad I didn’t see the Xtreamer (whose name I got from this very forum!!) before I bought this thing - from glancing at the product homepage, it looks way slicker.)

Ask you asking a question or just making a statement?

I am asking a question, as indicated by the question mark in the title.

The answer, I’ve found myself, is yes: By going into Settings -> Video Settings -> Browser display and selecting there. I suggest Preview mode.

(I’ve come to like the box slight better now that I’ve found a hack around one glaring bug, and one apparent incompatibility with CIFS versions - these are discussed in other threads by me. And the homebrew certainly also gives a nice plus).