Possible to write remotely to a WD My Book Live?


Is it possible to write remotely to a WD My Book Live 2 TB?

I have seen some confusing post its only possible to read remotely (outside homenetwork).

Can I use the WD2go.com and mount the My Book Live as if it was a local mapped drive on my remote computer (another network), to copy and write files back and forth from the My Book Live.

“Yes” to all questions.

Thanks for your valuable reply.
So to be specific.
It is possible to login via wd2go.com and transfer/upload my holiday movie to my grandmother´s WD My Book Live that is on another network?

The upload feature thru wd2go must be new then?
If it is possible, it should be communicated clearly to the consumer. There are threads stating that you can not upload anything to a WD My Book Live through wd2go.com, only read/acces.

Not true at all. Read/Write has been possible since day one.