Possible to use My Book Duo with Macrium as well as RAID1?


I intend to use a My Book Duo Station to backup partitions and Files/folders from the notebook (Windows 7) with Macrium Reflect to the first HDD inside the station. Due to the forum discussions I understood this is possible if not any WD drive software is installed on the notebook and so also restore access to partitions, folders and files will be executable without problems.

Additionally I would like to initiate that permanently HDD 1 will be mirrored via RAID 1 to HDD 2 of the station. Can anybody help wether this is possible by station hardware or must I have installed the station software with only RAID functionality? And what is the storage format on HDD 2 in case of damage of HDD 1. On which way would it be possible to copy data back to HDD 1 or access data of HDD2 directly by notebook resp. Macrium?

Thanks for your helpful hints in advance from Germany.


Hi, welcome to the community.

You can set up RAID 1 on the drive by using the WD drive utilities and you should be able to use any software to backup to the drive as long as is capable of working with USB devices.