Possible to set a default or favourite network folder for initial view?

Hello folks.

Does anyone know if it is possible to set a ‘default’ network path , so that when you select the ‘Videos’ menu, you are taken directly to your pre-determined full unc path of choice?

For example, I have videos under the following unc path;


However, as shown below, I have several other shares which appear before \videos, alphabetically, so I always have to press the ‘down’ button several times, followed by 'ok’ to get to it.

Other shares on \beast:






I’ve only just purchased the Live Hub, so I haven’t really poked around much yet, but with previous players I’ve had it has been possible to create a ‘script’ file which sets a default video mount point to say, \beast\videos, so when I enter the ‘Videos’ menu, I’d be taken straight there, and wouldn’t have to press 'down’ several times, then 'ok’.

Of course I could change my share name so it appears first on my list of shares on \beast, but doing so will mess with other media players in the house (such as an XBMC box I have elsewhere), and I’d rather not go down that path if it’s possible to set a default initial videos target.

No, you can’t set any defaults.

But as long as you keep your media organized, you really don’t have to.


ONLY folders that contain VIDEOs will be shown under VIDEOs.    So, Music, Photos, Public, Installs, etc, will NOT show up unless you actually have videos in those shares.


You can set up your storage so that the WD doesn’t even have access to those folders that aren’t media.  Just give a unique user/password to those folders.

Thanks Tony.

For some reason my Live Hub doesn’t seem to obey those rules, as all my shares from \beast show up in the videos screen, even though only the ‘videos’ and the ‘music’ shares contain folders with any video files (music has some music videos).

I have my ‘medla library’ option turned off, as it never seemed to get through ‘processing’ my collection, even after leaving it turned on for 24 hours - could this be why my other shares appear in the list?

Your second option sounds like it might be appropriate for me, as it’s a trivial matter to create a new user account on my media-sharing machine just for the Live Hub, which then won’t affect any of my other media devices’ access. Have I understood you correctly in that if the credentials used by the Live Hub don’t have access to the other shares, they simply won’t show up in the list of shares on screen?

Thanks again for your assistance.


I created a new user account for the Live Hub to use, then specifically ‘denied’ access to the non-media shares for that account.

I’ve now trimmed my list down to




which I can live with.

I’m still keen to hear back about whether my media library being set to ‘off’ is the reason why my Videos screen shows shares which don’t have any videos, if you have any insights into that.

Thanks again.

Just a quick follow-up.

After a power cycle, the Live Hub can see the shares (but not access them), which I previously reported it could no longer see.


I’ve just started a ‘clear library’ to rebuild the library in case it stuffed up before. From what I’ve read now, it sounds like mine had an issue since it has spent well over 24 hours apparently compiling the library.

Perhaps once the library has re-compiled the Videos list will be limited to my Videos share only, rather than all the others which don’t contain videos.

I shall report back on the outcome.

Yes, the media library must be on to get that behavior.

Okay, thanks - that makes sense then.