Possible to have Albums of Videos?

Is it possible to group particular videos into an album or folder so you can browse that folder/album like you do with music albums instead of having to look through all the videos to find the one you’re looking for ?

I couldn’t find a way to do this even though the videos are in a specific folder inside the main Videos folder i have on my external hard drive.

Any help is appreciated :).



If they are in a specific folder you can filter by folder.

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Oh i didn’t realise you could do that. Gonna have a play now to see if it works.

Thanks Barry :slight_smile:

Yeh that works perfectly, my bad for missing the filter option.

Thanks again!

you’re welcome, glad you got it sorted! It can be a bit daunting finding your way round a player like WDTV which can be used in many ways for many things. Its just finding a way you can get it to work the way you want :slight_smile: