Possible to double check mirrored drive?

Hello. I’m setting up an 8TB in Raid 1. I can only see one 4TB drive on the desktop, which I understand. Is there any way to check on the other 4TB drive to ensure that it is being mirrored properly? Thanks in advance.


The fact that the capacity is half the size and still mounts means it is being mirrored. It is a fact of RAID1. The only way to verify is to actually break the RAID by taking one drive out and seeing the contents on the remaining drive, which would force you to rebuild from scratch again which would take hours.

It is one of those situations where the tech in place existing means it’s working.

If failure occurs you will get a red LED light on the front of the unit and on the actual drive that has failed.

Ok great. Thanks for the response.

Dan Rosato