Possible solution to username and password problem

i’ve been having this problem off and on since i bought my wdtv live gen 3, from time to time it’ll pop up asking for a username and password, which i found the problem was with win7 sharing options, when the issue was fixed, it would pop up again, leaving me very annoyed,

during my trip through the internet trying to find a solution i came across a third party program called PS3 Media Server, which was designed to stream content to PS3’s and Xbox 360’s, it also was able to detect my wdtv live device, after a downloading it and trying it, works perfect, and it doesn’t require a username and password, i haven’t experimented with it to know anything more about it, but anyways, it might work

Thanks for sharing, another solution that might work is to disable the password protected sharing.

Control Panel/Network and Internet/network and sharing center/advanced sharing settings, turn off password protected sharing.

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