Possible solution for the slow transfer rate (LAN) - 7200rpm HDD


I’m a new user in this comunity.

I’m from Portugal and recently bougth a WD TV Live Hub.

I’m very happy with it except for some nags that others mentioned before.


Before using the Hub I was using an old XBOX as the family MediaCenter.

I was using a 5400rpm HDD on the XBOX and copying files over wired network changed drastically when I changed the Hard drive with a 7200rpm one…

The hdd on the Hub is a 2.5 5400rpm.

Before buying a 2.5 7200rpm hdd I would like to know if anyone had tried it before.

If so, what are the results?

The closest thing I can find is a  WD Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT 750 GB  which is 250 gb smaller than the default HD.

Remember that it has to be a WD hard drive otherwise it won’t work!

I cannot see why it shouldn’t work, but even though I haven’t tried switching the internal hd to a 7200rpm, I wouldn’t recommend it…

You might get heat problems!

It is a lot cheaper using a USB hd and play the files straight from it, and whenevere you need to transfer new files, plug it into your computer - Nothing beats the speed of this method, maybe except for an ultra fast NAS!

I’m guessing it will be a little noisier, hotter and a little faster.

But you have voided your warranty.

Is it worth it ?

I have an external hdd connected to the Hub.

Sync via USB is also very slow.

The point of the internal hdd on the Hub is to have files on it and not run them over usb.

Since the Hub is going to be my main storage for important stuff like family photos and videos the usb drive will work as a backup always in sync (fake raid).

Power consumption will increase but I guess it will be insignificantly.

About the noise, well that’s a concern but I’m willing to try.

My external USB drive is also 7200rpm.

From what I found the average speed thru wired network is somewhere between 10 to 15mbs and thru USB it’s even slower (ODD!).

I will try it and post the results after.

He actually said play from an attatched USB drive, transferring as you say is still bad.

I agree with you about the speeds, I just spent a few hours transferring all my TV series onto the internal via wired. It was a long process, but if you look around all Media Players are the same, the Popcorn Hour users take the drive out of the box and stick it in a docking station to transfer large files. So we are not the only ones.

I cant see you getting a massive difference, and to me , voiding a warranty to save a couple of hours is a bit extreme.

But good luck to you.