Possible setup?

Hello I am thinking of getting one of those, however, I was wondering, if the setup I hve in mind is doable.

I would like to get  3TB and use to :

  1. use about 1TB for my laptop’s time machine requirements

  2. use about 1TB for my wife’s laptop’s time machine requirements

  3. use about 1TB that my wife an me can use as a personal dropbox service

so 2TB for backup use and 1TB for sharing/synching/accessing files worldwide

AND, could I setup my office machine to synch some of those ‘dropboxed’ files?

Is that all doable on a single 3TB mycloud box?

Anyone? can I do all this at the same time?


You cannot not set quotas to limit the available space, but
yes, all that you mentioned is possible, without the quotas part.