Possible servo failure!

Drive, WD1600JB, became unrecognized by computer system (XP Professional). Driver can not be read by any other computer. I believe that from what repair shop tells me, the drive servo drive has failed. An attempt was made to replace the circute board and move IC chip from old to new board. This did not change the ability to read the data.

If this is the case, it is likely that the data is intact on the platters. The question becomes, how can I recover the data from this drive.

One suggestion was to purchase another identical HD and swap the platters to be able to read the data. Of course not being a tech or having necessary tools and environment, I am reluctant to do this.


Dude be careful

you might endup screwing up the drive further

if not familiar with recovery get help from a pro’ 

there are some users here that can give you hints but you will be the one doing the dirty work

I hear you, that is why I am here, looking for a reliable method to recover data. Thanks for your input.

Sorry but swapping platters is the last thing this drive would need right now, heads are dead most likely and platters should not be moved or touched at all for that matter. if your data is important, look for a pro to do this. With specialized tools there might be more than just a head swap option that could solve this problem, and the shop would offer these methods to you. I would understand that no one likes to spend data recovery money, but its a lesson that ppl sometimes have to learn the hard way. Do backup, and keep at least 2 copies of stuff. Without proper tools, experience, imaging equipment and such… Its a not a walk in the park, and drive will most likely die.