Possible problem with SAMBA service

Simple explanation is that the SAMBA service decided to be totally unresponsive so I . . .

NAS:~# /etc/init.d/samba restart
Stopping Samba daemons: nmbd smbd.
Starting Samba daemons: nmbd smbd1929: old priority -16, new priority 0

 . . .  and immediately after that I could access the SAMBA service and all the network shares and files.

Anyone got any clues on this one?

Not familiar with this topic.  I suggest you to PM TonyPh12345 since he is one of the most experienced in the area.

Uhm, what?

I think Myron himself is far more tech-savvy on the MBL’s than I’ll ever be!    :smileyvery-happy:

Sweet!  :laughing:  Wonder if I can get a job at W.D. and whoop all these problems in record time.  LOL

It’s not the first time the Samba service has gone awol on me but it’s such a rare occurrance that it does not bother me too much, if any.  From the nearly-a-year I’ve had the MBL it is the third time this has happened and simple restarting the service sort out the problem without needing a reboot.  Now, the most uo-to-date Samba service might be a better solution.

Thought this minor issue would be worth a mention just in case anyone on this here forum may actually know why Samba would become unresponsive.