Possible My Passport 2TB failure?


I’m afraid that my My Passport 2TB USB 3.0 drive may have just failed.

It was working fine an hour ago, but now it won’t load up. The blue status light just flashes about twice per second, and when I first connect it it emits a short beep every 5 or so seconds for about a minute. I have tried an SMC reset on my MacBook, connecting it to other computers, etc. Data Rescue 3 does not recognize it.

It was formatted to exFAT.

I am a filmmaker and I use this drive for archiving old footage. It’s not as big of a disaster as losing my current projects would be, but this footage does still have a lot of value to me and my clients. I am not really in a position to spend $500+ on expert data recovery, though.

Please, any ideas?

Hi, you can try using another USB cable. Be sure to use the same USB cable that came bundled with the Passport, longer cables will cause power inconsistencies that could cause problems.