Possible Fix for Network Share Issues

PROBLEM: (2) WDTV Live Plus devices connected via wire. My “WDTV 1” has an attached external USB HDD, but my “WDTV 2” could not connect to the share. WDTV 2 could see the “WDTV 1 share”, but upon acknowledging the “anonymous” credentials, it failed to connect. ERROR: “network share cannot be accessed”.

I thought WDTV 2 could of had a software issue, but I got the same error, if I reversed the process. WDTV 1 could see WDTV 2’s share, but still could not connect.

SOLUTION: Check your router settings and verify the MTU setting is under 1500 or if available, place it in AUTO.

A couple of weeks ago, I had configured my router for a home VPN. I had changed my MTU to 1500 for testing, but never changed it back. 

After hours of searching, last night, I couldn’t find any soluble solutions. I knew the devices were configured correctly and they were able to connect to Netflix and other internet apps, but something was hindering the internal connections.

I started looking over my router and saw the MTU was set to 1500, instead of AUTO. From experience with network devices, I knew this could sometimes cause issues, if it was set too high. So, upon flipping the option back to AUTO, I was able to connect to my shares.

This solution may be already on the boards, but none of my buzz word searches pulled up anything close. Neither here nor Google.

So, I hope this helps anyone else having issues connecting to shares.

Interesting router you have there. MTU should have no effect on local LAN… Only packets headed to the Internet.