Possible Feedback to WD...Attached USB cord?!

I’ve had two Western Digital Essential HDs and have loved the drives.  They are quick, easy and reliable…except when the mini usb plug falls out.  Then falls out again and again and again until now sometimes my drive just disconnects and reconnects itself while sitting or barely being moved.  My previous drive had to be refurbished due to the mini usb being defective and after a few uses it broke.  My initial thought was why isn’t the usb cord just permantely attached to the HD?  The cord is only about a foot long anyway.  This would keep people from losing it, which I’ve done once.  And keep that mini usb plug from having so much stress from pluging and unpluging.  Plus I move my laptop around a lot and I’ve had the drive slide off my computer or fall out while carrying it.  I just had the idea and wondered if anyone else had similar problems and would benefit from this minor change.  And if so, hopefully someone from WD will see this and do more research and see if this would be a helpful solution to others that could be implemented into future designs.  

That makes really good sense, however, I had that issue and I just called to WD for support and they sent me a cable that took care of that and perfect fitted the port on my drive, you should try requesting the same USB cable I did.

I did do this and WD support took care of it very smoothly and quickly.  It just could have been entirely avoided had the cord been attached.  However, the first HD I used had a mini usb port that was either defective from the factory or wore out very quickly, which caused me to have to very carefully disassemble enough of the drive in order to get the mini usb to connect properly so that I could get my information off of it and get it onto the new one.  Again no disaster, but could have been avoided entirely.  Saving me a lot of hassle and them (WD) a lot of money (they sent me a new drive and I sent them back the old one) .