Possible Damage by Amazon Shipping?

Hello, I just purchased a WD external hard drive for Mac, 5T, from Amazon. It was shipped in a bubble wrap envelope with no padding other than the bubble wrap liner of the envelope. I am just wondering if there could be damage to the drive? It came in the WD box and was securely packaged in a plastic shell from WD, neither of which were damaged but I know how UPS and the post office treat packages so I’m wondering if it might have been damaged internally?

I contacted Amazon immediately but there wasn’t much they could do. I can return it but there’s no guarantee the next one won’t be shipped out the same way.

Just wondering how sturdy these things are. I’ll be trying it today but I guess I’m wondering if it could work fine now but fail in 6 months or so?

Thanks so much,


As long as nothing rattles around inside and the drive doesn’t make any strange sounds when you power it on and start transferring data … it should be fine.

No matter how perfectly packaged and delivered something is … it can still fail after 6 Months or 6 Years, that’s the reality of anything you buy. The only thing you can do is keep your receipt for warranty purposes, keep a second backup of all your important data if it fails and keep your fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’ve been buy WD Hard drives for the last decade or more … all are still working fine

Have only had one dud …and it was Brand New out of the Box (returned and got another which was fine)

Thank you so much for your response! I’m sorry I just now saw this. I thought I had subscribed to this thread and would get an email but I guess not.

Thank you again. Yes, I guess whenever we’re dealing with technology, you never know! So far it works fine but the cable doesn’t connect very well. I will see if I can get a new one.


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