Possible cure for etilqs_.... files filling up hard drive

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The thread  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-Software/WDsmartware-building-etilqs-files-in-my-windows-temp-folder/m-p/307856#M4152 would appear to be closed, and so I could not add this reply.

As a possible cure for etilqs_… files filling up hard drive DO CHECK THAT the culprit is NOT FIREFOX, or your ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE causing the problem!

It may not be WD causing the issue…   :dizzy_face:

Here are some (I hope helpful) other FIREFOX related issues I have copied here…


  • That are temporary SQLITE database files (etilqs is sqlite spelled backwards). Such files shouldn’t be here. The presence of such files can be caused by security (anti-virus software) that keeps a handle on such files for inspection and makes it impossible to remove them.
  • You need to check such software and exclude that folder from their scans.


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