Possible adding of a skip X-minutes feature?


I’m new here and recently bought this product.

On my old media player it was possible to use the “<-” and “->” to jump for and back 1 min of time. That way it was very easy to jump in the movie, I think way better than with the normal “<<” or “>>” buttons.

Is it somehow possible to map this “1 min jump” feature for this player aswell?


The player can already do:

   Chapter skip with >>| and |<< buttons.

   10 minute skip with >> followed by >>| button.

   Skip to any arbitrary time.

Does that not cover it?

Didn’t know about the 10 mins skip…thanks for that!

Anyway, it would be cool if you can map the remote keys individually with “skip X mins”. Shouldn’t be hard to add as a feature to future firmware updates.

Hi, will be easy if we can do it with the arrows keys, now are useless when playing.


Yep, on Samsung TV player left and right arrows keys will skip -30sec. and +30sec respectivly.

A very great feature in my opinion. The 10min skip key combination on WDTV is too complex imho.

Noisemaker wrote:

Yep, on Samsung TV player left and right arrows keys will skip -30sec. and +30sec respectivly.

… which makes sense, of course, because commercials are 30 seconds.  

Home media doesn’t have commercials.

mhmm, yep, it’s not very common to have commercials on media player, but what if you have a recorded TV program for example? :wink:

Btw, I’ve never used that function for commercials… usually I use it for skip TV fiction main titles (at the beginning of the fiction) or, for example, to do a small rewind if I didn’t understand a phrase/word, above all when I watch video with foreign languages :smileyvery-happy:


I’m not really sure the skip time is 30sec…maybe less…I don’t remember actually, and I don’t have TV close to me to verify :smiley: