I just installed a new MyNet N900 router, attached to my desktop PC, for use with my WD TV Live media player. 

What is the maximum distance that should separate these in my home, both located on the same level?  Are there any reception issues with objects that are in between the two units, such as walls, appliances or nearby electrical devices? 

What signal strength (number of bars) should I have?  Can this be improved?  What makes it fluctuate?  Will change in signal strenth affect viewing videos, etc.?  I am normally at one or two bars.  The connection test performed by the media player is always a Pass.

thank you

Hi, the possible distance will vary depending on the surrounding conditions, as long as you don’t start to drop the connection and you are able to play your files, you should be OK. 

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In most cases I still can’t play my video files, please refer to the new item I just posted.  Purchase of the My Net N900 was my attempt to improve the performance of my old router-this is covered in yet another older post!

thanks for your response

You should get around 30 meters in an open space environment, but that number will change depending on the surrounding building materials, construction type, volume of network traffic, interference and other adverse conditions. Try testing what is the farthest distance you can get without dropping the connection You can also try using a range extender to improve your coverage.

My Net Wi-fi Range Extender


If the router, computer and streaming device cannot be moved for practical reasons, are there any other ways to improve signal strength? 

Can you correlate the signal strength (one bar vs four) to system performance and speed?  Or as long as you have a connection and at least one bar, the indication of signal strength is not a practical concern for the average user?

My demands on the system are minimal, no gaming or internet activities, just streaming video, photo and music file content from the external hard drive attached to the computer.

thank you

Two days ago my WD TV automatically updated the firmware.  I reset the unit and so far there don’t seem to be any performance issues playing videos, music or photo files through the wireless connection with the MyNet N900 router.  Interestingly the signal strength is at its strongest level ever-a full four bars.

I don’t know if this resulted from the WD TV firmware update or if it will improve system operation, but I’m happy with this development!

thank you