Posibility to edit remote backup job

I have a backup job created for a remote backup WD EX2 -> WD EX2. The backup job works, however, when i added a new folder to my NAS and i wanted that to be backed up, I have no possibility to add the new folder to my existing backup job. I don’t see any editing button for a created backup. In this case, i have to delete my existing job and create a new one, or just create a new job ONLY for the new folder. Both of this options are inconvenient.

i would like it if this suggestions goes to the WD development team to improve the GUI and practicability of this device.
 It’s quite hard to manage a remote backup ( which is mandatory for a NAS to exclude single point of failure) if you have to redo all the previous work only for a new folder.


Idea approved for voting.

This idea was posted before.  please see:


Please implement this basic feature! What is the long term usability of a NAS to backup and keep data safe - if there is a block in the way of backup management? The EX2 has a mini OS correct; so this needs to be updated to meet basic demands of a NAS and users.

Please implement this and employ more workers to add all the other features in high demand on this forum. I am a new buyer and see these old requests from a year back. It astonishes me that they have not been implemented yet.

Please show us that you still support your product (that is still being sold on the market as new), and that you are committed to fixing old issues that should have been corrected upon release. Thank you.

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