Portrait Photographs

The lower portion of a portrait photograph is not displayed when it is expanded from its thumbnail image, which does contain the full photograph. Is this a feature or an error?

What program, app are you using where this is an issue? The MyCloud.com portal?

If so see the following link which explains the issue to WD.



I have the issue with Mycloud.com . Will take your suggestion on board.


I have documented the exact problem they have - quite simply they aren’t using the responsive technologies available to modern browsers (even though the open source code libraries they are consuming to display the images support them). A few very simple lines of code and this will be supported on all devices and browsers and display images the way we all expect them to be displayed such as how they are displayed on Facebook or any other image sharing services. Kind of ridiculous that I provided them the fix a few months ago and it has had zero response. Obviously not an “agile” software development company here. Can we get someone from WD to comment on the CSS of the image display on mycloud.com? I’ve provided a thread above with the problem documented, what code is causing it, and what code changes need to be made. In other words, I’ve done the work for you gratis - so please upload the files so we can use your cloud service.