Porting OpenWRT to the My Net N600

Hi all,

I’m trying to look at what is required to port OpenWRT to the WD N600 (and possibly N750 / N900).

I have started a wiki page on the router here:


I have also posted this on the OpenWRT forums here:


I would love to see some assistance from WD in putting OpenWRT on these units…

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We do not currently support this feature.

Good news everyone!

OpenWRT now supports the WD MyNet N600:


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Thanks for updating the thread with this information.

Is it possible to run OpenWRT on the N900 also? This might address the stability isues some are experiencing, and if it would get into trunk, even Gargoyle might become available with it’s sophisticated QoS system. Just a thought, I’m not a programmer myself.



N600 and N750 uses the same CPU and it is  Atheros  AR9344.  Atheros SoCs and chipsets are almost used in every router brand and targetted by third party firmware.  If a port is already available for N600, its not hard to get it to N750.  N900 will be a different story I think cause it has a Ubicom cpu which is least targetted by third party firmware.