Portable Storage

I purchase a new computer. I would like to save files, documents, pictures, excel document, etc so how do I go about transferring this information from my computer to WD Portable Storage and Stockage Portable

What is"WD Portable Storage and Stockage Portable"?

This subforum generally deals with the single bay My Cloud device which apparently is no longer being sold. The My Cloud devices are generally a network attached storage device. The My Cloud Home is a different device and is not a direct replacement for the older My Cloud line.

One generally uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy/move files to external USB hard drives or to network attached storage devices (like the My Cloud). One also typically has the option with their software programs to save to attached USB hard drives or in many cases to network attached storage devices.

Also, it would help to know what kind of computer you bought. Is it a Windows computer or an Apple Mac? In some cases there are specific drives for each type.

For a total newbie as you, I suggest you go to WD’s main website at https://www.wdc.com/ and look under two tabs named Products and Solutions. They suggest products by these two ways. and spend some time thinking of what you might need. Storage is a big universe and these links can get you started.