Portable self powered media player with touchscreen help

I have 450 plus gigabytes of music I’d like to put on to a 1 TB pidrive,
with a Raspberry PI3,
a 2500ma adafruit battery
adafruit powerboost 500 https://www.adafruit.com/products/2078, a 3.5 touchscreen by sain smart http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-3-5-inch-tft-lcd-320-480-touch-screen-display-for-raspberry-pi-2-b-b.html
I’d like to put my media on a separate partition and make openelec my dominant OS with out using berryboot at start up every time.

I’d like to use this as my new Ipod to replace 160gb classic.

Do I have the right hardware?
Can Openelec be the only OS?
Best way to partition the disk for media files?
Is there a direct transfer method for media from Windows 7? (also have media on 4tb MyClould)

Any help/ thoughts would be appreciated. I have limited experience coding (mostly mods on my kindle fire 6.31 now running android 4.1) and no experience with soldering.

Hi there :slight_smile:

That’s quite an interesting project! Do post a log and some feedback if you decide to proceed with it!

The 1TB WD PiDrive has 5V 0.55A power requirements. When you add the display and the Pi itself the battery and the power board may not deliver proper power and the whole project may get under-powered.
This topic can provide you with a lot of information regarding the OS itself.

I’ll try to get some more information and will post back!


Hi JffJhonson.

@Captain_WD is not available today so what I was able to find out about the project is the following:
Basically he’s right and the possibility of the setup to be under-powered is quite real.
Unfortunately, RPi cannot boot off a USB directly so you won’t be able to install the OS directly on the HDD, you’ll need some type of bootstrap program on an SD card that then could switch over to an OS on the HDD. BerryBoot simplifies the installation and it may be able to be done manually but it would take some work. The new Pi3 is supposed to allow direct USB boot but I don’t think they have released the firmware update necessary which should allow this to happen. Below is an article on Raspberry Pi’s site that describes how it was implemented: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/pi-3-booting-part-i-usb-mass-storage-boot/.


Thanks for the help Sunday 9/18/16 I hope to give it a shot.

Sure thing! Let us know how everything goes. Both of us will be at your disposal, so let us know what you find out. Your feedback will be appreciated. Hopefully you prove us wrong about the power output needed for this setup :slight_smile: