Portable media player

Hi i have a WD TV Live hub and love it. so my question is i want a portable media player to take away is there anyone who has got one ? Or should i just buy another WD Tv live Hub?

There are a lot of media players out there, many of them small enough to pack up in a jacket pocket.  Problem is, most of them require you have an external HDD or at least a network connection to a PC to play files.

Perhaps if you were to say what exactly your looking for, something in a particular size or if you are looking for something just to stream with, some little details like that might get you a better answer.

Personally, I don’t know why you would even ask the question, since you say you love the HUB & it is sized pretty good for travel & you can have both your media player & your media all in one box.

Hi thanks for the reply, The reason I want a portable media is to play movies on a tv when I go snowboarding with the boys. I cant take my WD hub because I have to leave it for the misses ;0( So do I bite the bullet and buy another WD hub or is the something a bit more suited? I have seen the sumvision stuff but I am not sure about the problems?