Portable elements data integrity


I bought two 1.5 TB Elements portable USB drives and have been copying video files to them. I noticed when playing back a file on one of the hard drives that the video stopped part way through. I thought that the source video was corrupt, but it was’nt. Anyway i cleared the drive and recopied stuff back over but this time i included an md5 hash check. Sure enough some of the files on the elements drive were getting errors.

Is there anything i can do with this. I have ran a quick test with the DLG software from WD’s site, i also ran a full format from windows 7 (which took 12 hours) … I am currently running a ‘write zeros’ on the drive but it will not finish for another 15 hours ! … Will this show errors if the drive has bad sectors or other issues ?

Should mention i am using usb 2.0 on a Windows 7 pc (ports on front as well as rear, same result)

Update -

OK i thought the second Elements drive was ok, but i have noticed the same issue after copying 50 gigs of video files, the hash check was failing on a few files.

I am really wishing i had bought something else now.




An update to my own post above.

To rule out the Element drives being faulty i copied stuff to a powered Toshiba drive, and hash checked them. I was getting the same errors !

In desperation and many google searches later i read that selecting ‘better performance’ in the usb drives properties cured it for people that had the same problem.

I have done this and copied stuff over and the hash check has been successful so far … fingers crossed !

Alternatively using a different file copier (like teracopy) seems to work also.



Just like you mentioned you need to use teracopy or any other software.