Portable Drive Specs & Differences

I’m looking for the RPM Class and Cache Size specs for the following portable drives:

My Passport (5 TB)
My Passport Ultra (5 TB)
WD Gaming Drive Works With Playstation 4 (4 TB)
WD Elements Portable (5 TB)
WD Elements SE (4 TB & 5 TB)
Easystore Portable (5 TB)
WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive (5 TB)

What are the differences between all these drives? I’ve only noticed that one maybe has encryption, or another is meant for gaming.

But aren’t all drives pretty much the same when you format them? Like why do they sell drives that’re geared towards Windows OS and the same model geared towards Mac OS. Can’t you just format a Windows drive to exFAT and it’ll become a Mac drive?

Thanks for your replies.